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Take My Music with You Everywhere

Mikaela Rae's journey in entertainment is a compelling narrative that began with a profound love for singing at a young age. By 13, her musical journey took off under the guidance of a dedicated voice teacher who recognized her extraordinary talent. This led to a recording contract with RCA Records at just 17, marking her as the next Vikki Carr. Beyond music, Mikaela ventured into acting and stunt work, gaining international recognition with a singing tour in Japan, an experience later adapted into the movie "Death Ride from Osaka."

Returning to the U.S., Mikaela led a band in Las Vegas and then pursued excellence in New York City, performing in premiere Jazz clubs.


Simultaneously, Mikaela was honing her acting skills and capturing the attention of industry executives. 


Collaborating with Rick Derringer, she produced a six-song CD titled, “Every Time I Leave” that attracted interest from Polygram and Sony Records. Relocating to Nashville, her talent shone in Blues and Gospel performances at renowned concert venues. After diverse collaborations, including opening for the Guess Who, Mikaela returned to New York, co-producing the CD "Torch" with Jazz great Don Braden, solidifying her passion for singing and songwriting, marking a profound commitment to her artistic calling.

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