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When the stage is set at premier jazz clubs, Mikaela's name is synonymous with enchantment.

In the realm of music, Mikaela Rae seamlessly blends torch, blues, pop, and gospel influences, with an impassioned yearning to express the boundless love and devotion she holds for the art form.


Her journey has been one of a lifetime, a tapestry woven with myriad experiences, traversing diverse landscapes of travel, careers, and enlightenment.

In the resonance of her music, one encounters each note with a depth that transcends mere sound. Her gift extends beyond mere entertainment—it is an offering of inspiration and elevation.


When the stage is set at premier jazz clubs, Mikaela's name is synonymous with enchantment.


Her performances in these legendary venues aren't just showcases; they are immersive experiences that beckon the audience into the very essence of jazz. She doesn't perform; she transforms, leaving her audience spellbound and yearning for more.


Mikaela has written produced and performed with national artists and has earned her place as an act in her own right.


Her magnetic presence, unparalleled talent, and dynamic performances have elevated these shows into unforgettable spectacles, setting her apart as a star in the making.


As she steps once more onto the stage of the music world, mikaela rae brings with her not just a voice, but a testament to a journey of love and purpose.


The moment is finally here, the stars perfectly aligned. Through her music, she seeks to touch the hearts and souls of all who listen.

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Working with Mikaela in the studio is akin to capturing lightning in a bottle. She is such a welcome change from the line of modern day divas who substitute genuine, lyrical interpretation and emotional integrity with vocal acrobatics and mechanical histrionics. Although her vocal prowess is equally impressive, it’s her emotional range and conviction that sets her apart from the pack.

 Paul Wickliffe, producer

Experience the incredible throwback vibes of the 80s and 90s with this talented singer.

Boasting powerful vocals and iconic back-end key changes that elevate the energy, these tracks are perfect for enhancing TV/Film source music scenes aiming to capture the essence of that nostalgic era.

The addition of background vocals adds an authentic touch, creating an immersive experience. While blues and jazz styles are traditionally suited for lounges and clubs, the vocals may compete with dialog in scenes.

Consider opting for tracks with more subdued vocals or explore instrumental licensing for a seamless integration into your project. Unleash the unique benefits of these timeless sounds for a captivating audio backdrop.

This girl can wail smooth and sultry, yet strong and powerful. She takes you to where the music should take you to a better place.

Dale K. Rossington, singer from Lynyard Skynayrd


Very passionate. Very soulful, very enchanting, and what a great voice!

Rickie Medlocke, Lynyrd Skynyrd



A potentially significant Jazz singer, Mikaela Rae has a beautiful voice and a wide expressive range, really digging deep into the words she interprets. On her debut CD, her closing vamp on “Since I Fell for You” really gives the standard new meaning, while her special version of “At Last,” (which is quite spiritual) is different from any I’ve ever heard. Clearly, Mikaela Rae has a great future in Jazz.

Scott Yanow, author of six books including: Swing, Bebop, and Afro Cuban Jazz
















She’s hip and fresh! The CD is great! “Come Sunday” is so sweet!

Dr John, Grammy award winning songwriter / composer

Mikaela’s music is not normal. The girls voice comes from great dexterity pumped into her stomach. A superstar right now and we all could love her. 

Burt Young, acclaimed actor



Mikaela Rae sings from the heart. Out of a deep well of experience and understanding. With a hell of a voice. 

Mark Medoff, Tony and Academy, award-winning, playwright author and screenwriter 

The voice, the look, …she’s got the whole package. 

Charles Grodin, actor, writer, CBS 60 Minutes ii

Mikaela Rae hit it right on the mark! A great pop, jazz cd I just love to listen to good singers and she is!

Julie Budd, singer / actress 

Close your eyes, and let Mikaela‘s voice take you to a smoky, jazzy nightclub where she is the torch. 

Mark Mc Ewen, cohost of CBS Morning Show and host of A&E Live by Request

The sounds of a passionate artist. Mikaela paints a picture in her music and her other artwork like no one else. Congratulations!

Thalia Assures, CBS co-host, Saturday Morning Show, CBS news anchor

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