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Mikaela Rae

Torch Singer

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In the realm of music, Mikaela Rae seamlessly blends torch, blues, pop, and gospel influences, with an impassioned yearning to express the boundless love and devotion she holds for the art form.

"You must experience Mikaela Rae. She is a wonderful vocalist with tremendous power and focus, yet she is extremely versatile, and definitely has her own sound. To my ears, she is uncommonly expressive, her voice stylings range from sensuous and soulful, to haunting, introspective to stark and abashed, yet she is always a manifestation of honesty and integrity. Most important of all, she is a real joy to listen to. She simply sings her butt off."

Don Braden, Producer

In the resonance of her music, one encounters each note with a depth that transcends mere sound. Her gift extends beyond mere entertainment—it is an offering of inspiration and elevation.
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